The internationally famed Reebok Les Mills Live is finally here in Singapore!

Join us at this exclusive event where thousands of Les Mills enthusiasts and fitness fanatics work out together. Featuring booming tunes, a rock & roll atmosphere, all the workouts you love (like BODYPUMP, BODYBALANCE and BODYJAM) and the world’s best presenters: This fitness festival will blow your mind.


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We sourced the best presenters from all over the world for this one-day-only fitness extravaganza. Imagine this: working out alongside thousands of like-minded people, great music and being led by renowned choreographers from Auckland, New Zealand. We have teamed them up with your favourite local faces and some fresh inspiration from Australia.


Rachael Newsham

BODYCOMBAT™ Co-Program Director & SH’BAM™ Program Director

An inspiring educator, Rachael is passionate about upskilling instructors, and is devoted to working with the worldwide tribe of LES MILLS™ people. She has attended the famous Wing Chun Kung Fu school, gone through Muay Thai training in Thailand and has been tutored by Co-Director Dan Cohen in other martial arts. She has an Honors degree in Sports Management as well as qualifications in Drama, Classical and Contemporary Dance. Her creative background has had profound influence on the choreography in BODYCOMBAT™, one of the most successful programs in the world.

In 2010 Rachael spearheaded the creation of SH’BAM™, a simple dance program designed to let anyone and everyone experience the joy of dancing. Her enthusiasm, humour, and creativity in creating easy-to-follow choreography has helped to make SH’BAM™ an instant hit, which has taken the world by storm.

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Gandalf Archer Mills

BODYJAM® Program Director

Gandalf has devoted his life to dance. He has an extensive background in teaching and directing performances. His natural flair, charisma and desire to bring dance to the masses, makes him the perfect role model for this highly innovative program, which he has been involved in for more than a decade. ‘G’ regularly works alongside international dance-fitness stars to ensure his choreography is up-to-date with the latest dance and music trends. and has also been a guest judge on popular NZ dance television shows.

His credentials include guest judging on various popular dance reality TV shows in New Zealand, more recently, he was part of the movie production of ‘Born To Dance’. Each week, ‘G’ teaches classes attended by hundreds of people, and it’s easy to see why. Get ready to embark on a dance journey unlike anything you’ve experienced before with the maestro.

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Diana Archer Mills


Backed by years of Athletic Training and Swimming, and a decade of Yoga experience, Diana brings fresh creativity to BODYBALANCE® and is an integral part of the LES MILLS team. Her influence in the program begun at the age of 15, when she started to shadow Philip Mills in his role as Creative Director. She now works alongside Co-Program Director Jackie Mills, and has become instrumental in the evolution of this popular program.

A Philosophy graduate, Diana also utilises her many talents working with other Program Directors to develop BODYPUMP®, RPM™, BODYJAM® and BODYCOMBAT®. More recently, she created 2 brand new programs – LES MILLS TONE™ and LES MILLS BARRE™ – introducing a more revolutionary training and enhancing the Les Mills repertoire. She is also a mother to three beautiful children – Max, Luckson Bloom and Luna.

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Kylie Gates

Creative Director SH’BAM™, BODYBALANCE™, LES MILLS TONE™, CXWORX™, BODYATTACK™, Head Program Coach, Les Mills International

Kylie has been involved in the Fitness Industry as an athlete and educator for over 25 years. She currently resides in Auckland, New Zealand, where she is the Creative Director at Les Mills International for 5 programs. Kylie is also an International Master Trainer for BODYBALANCE, BODYPUMP and CXWORX – she loves the opportunity to share her passion of teaching and moving. Kylie’s background is in dance, and started her first teaching job at a tender age of 14. She is a longstanding warrior in the tribe, having been with Les Mills for more than 18 years – she’s travelled the globe training trainers, instructors and members, all to create a fitter community. Her motto is “Be the change you want to see in the world!”


Reagan Kang

Presenter Performance Coach GRIT SERIES™, Trainer & Presenter GRIT SERIES™, BODYPUMP®, BODYCOMBAT®

Originally from Penang, Malaysia, Reagan was raised on beautiful beaches and the great outdoors. Now, he is taking the international fitness scene by storm, praised far and wide for his athletic abilities including his incredible strength and agility, his sculpted physique and his natural charisma and charm.

Reagan first earned a place on the Les Mills Asia Pacific (LMAP) team as a BODYPUMP® Trainer & Presenter in 2011 where his talent was quickly identified and has since become an international presenter. His work with LMAP has recently taken him from his hometown in Malaysia to a permanent base in Singapore where he regularly teaches BODYCOMBAT® and trains new instructors for GRIT SERIES™ and BODYPUMP®.


Alani Mala

Instructor Greatness Specialist, Presenter BODYPUMP®, Presenter BODYCOMBAT®

Alani (Storm) Mala is renowned for developing and delivering inspiring fitness experiences. With a 25-year record in the fitness industry and a degree in Physical Education, Alani lives and breathes health and fitness and is passionate about helping others achieve their full potential through both group and 1-on-1 training.

Alani started his career at the Les Mills Club in Dunedin, New Zealand. He was assistant to the production of the BODYPUMP® Program for the end of Mike McSweeney’s tenure and currently presents BODYPUMP® and BODYCOMBAT®. He has a multi-sport background including 1st Kyu in Kyokushin Karate, Representative Soccer, 1st grade Club Rugby, Triathlon and more recently golf and mountain biking.


Jako Misic

Head Trainer Les Mills Asia Pacific, Trainer & Presenter BODYPUMP®, GRIT SERIES™, CXWORX®, RPM™

With over 20 years experience in the fitness industry, Jako Misic is a senior Trainer and Presenter with Les Mills Asia Pacific, specializing in BODYPUMP™, GRIT™ RPM™ and CXWORX®. Coming from a background in athletics and soccer, he went on to compete at the highest level at these sports. He has a degree in Sport Science and is a qualified Physical Education teacher and national level coach. Jako has gone on to forge a career with Les Mills Asia Pacific and trained thousands of Instructors over the last 12 years around Australia and Asia. He has presented at the National Fitness Expo (FILEX) and Les Mills Live in Sydney and Melbourne. He has also presented on multiple videos for Les Mills International in BODYPUMP® and RPM™. His group fitness experiences are dynamic, challenging, motivating and inspiring.

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Rue She

Performance Presenter Coach BODYPUMP®, Trainer & Presenter BODPUMP®, SPRINT™, GRIT SERIES™, Head of Programming, Virgin Active South East Asia

Rue She has been involved in the fitness industry for over 18 years. Born and raised in Singapore where she has been actively involved in the commercial health and fitness chains as a passionate group exercise instructor to the head of group exercise training and programming in Virgin Active for the South East Asia market. Rue also travels as a presenter and trainer for three programs for Les Mills in the Asia Pacific region.

Rue loves every opportunity to witness people getting active in a holistic way and everyone coming together in a group exercise environment moving with music. She embraces intention and purpose in life and share that with people around her daily as a motivational tool to lift and coach others from all perspective.


Johnny Pawliw

Performance Presenter Coach, Trainer, Presenter BODYJAM® & SH’BAM® , Trainer & Presenter BODYCOMBAT®, Trainer & Presenter SPRINT™

Having been in the fitness industry for 12+ years, Johnny brings a wealth of knowledge to group fitness. His love, passion and dedication to his classes and members see him teach to packed classes all over Brisbane, Australia.  Johnny began as a Personal Trainer but quickly stepped in to group fitness after his very first class. Whilst dance is his first love, he also is a Trainer & Presenter in BODYCOMBAT® and SPRINT™.

Having dabbled in Capoeira, Hip-Hop, Contemporary and the occasional Jazz class – seeing Johnny in action is something you wouldn’t want to miss!